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Heart (Wedding Anniversary News Gift)

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Wedding Anniversaries are very special occasions! The years come and go and we can sometimes forget how the world was on our wedding day. Our personalised Wedding Anniversary gift will take a couple back to their anniversary  wedding day, and provide a true walk down memory lane with many interesting facts about the world on the day they were married!

Give someone this beautiful Wedding Anniversary News Personalised gift. Petals with this romantic heart of roses for the  wedding anniversary gift available which is personalised, unique & very affordable. Just some of the fascinating information included in the anniversary gift are. • Headline News of the Day  • Most popular movies and selling record • The Price of a pint of Beer and a pack of Cigarettes • Special forthcoming wedding anniversaries

Ideal gift for any Wedding Anniversary by year, be 1st Paper wedding anniversary, 10th Tin wedding anniversary, 25th Silver wedding anniversary, 30th Pearl wedding anniversary, 40th Ruby wedding anniversary, 50th Golden wedding anniversary or even 60th Diamond wedding anniversary, or any other anniversaries.

Available for anyone married between 1st Jan 1900 and 31 December 2009.