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Birthday News Gifts

Birthday News - ScrollScroll (Portrait)
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The Personalised Birthday News Gift is one of our best personalised birthday gift ideas for that special someone, a family member or a friend. This unique selection is jam-packed full of fascinating and intriguing facts about the day the person was born. The personalised Birthday gift is a perfect, unique and meaningful present idea. 

This is a fun birthday keepsake which gives people, of all ages, lots to talk about! A wonderful birthday present idea for mum, dad, grandad, grandma, uncle, aunty, brother, sister or friends of all ages. Are you looking for a unique personalised birthday gift for a family member or friend? Look no further for your choice. Our Gifts include over 70 amazing facts including:

  • Headline News of the Day of Birth. 
  • Most popular movies and selling record at that time.
  • Typical weekly pay and the average cost of a House or the cost of a car.
  • The Price of a pint of Beer and the price of a pack of Cigarettes.
  • Sporting winners of the year such as FA Cup finals, Wimbledon and others.

A personalised birthday gift is always popular and shows the person that you have put time and thought into choosing their gift.  Our birthday gifts are great for both family and friends, as each gift is unique for that special occasion. Look no further for a splendid personalised birthday gift for her or an exceptional birthday gift for him? 
Browse through the selection of unique Birthday News Gifts in designer themes, and we are certain you will find the gift suitable for this special occasion. Choose one of our Personalised Birthday Gifts from a variety of designer paper backgrounds and frames. So, as you can see choosing fun and unusual birthday gifts isn’t so difficult. 

Available for anyone born between 1st Jan 1900 and 31 December 2009.